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URGENT: Please pray ENLIST makes break-throughs in the treatment of leprosy reaction!

By Dr Deanna Hagge
Senior Research Advisor
The Leprosy Mission

ENLIST is a group of specialists including doctors from The Leprosy Mission hospitals in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh, as well as experts from Brazil, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, the Philippines, another Indian partn...

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Thank you for praying for people like Bharthi while they tackle the worst leprosy has to offer.

By Tim Burton-Jones
Senior Officer, Communication
The Leprosy Mission International

You are providing her with God’s love as she battles the worsening symptoms of leprosy reaction.

Your prayers provide her with the comfort she needs. Thank you for your compassionate heart...

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Hussaini’s healing hands are helping his community – thanks to people like you!

Written by Andrew Newmarch,
International Programs Manager, The Leprosy Mission Australia

Hussaini is 68 years old and is still working at a medical clinic in Nigeria. Its no ordinary clinic and he is no ordinary man – he has had leprosy all his life. The fact that he can sti...

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Healed and cured after five years of pain – thank you!

Mer Toge first realised something was wrong when he noticed changes on his face. His wife and friends also observed that his face and ears were thickening.

A trip to a leprosy clinic in Papua New Guinea’s Western Province soon confirmed his worst fears. Mer Toge had leprosy. Feel...

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Celebrating and Supporting Christian Women in Leadership

Life member, Jenny Davis, was the first female Board Chair of The Leprosy Mission Australia (TLMA) just over 20 years ago. She combined microbiological skills with her desire to serve Christ in an organisation that stands with the marginalised people in our world. This month, we ...

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Thank you for your kindness, generosity, and making me feel part of the family.

By Preeti Maharjan
Research Officer & Volunteer

In Nepal, I used to be involved in providing comprehensive care for people affected by leprosy. So, I knew about The Leprosy Mission Australia (TLMA) and its continuous support to The Leprosy Mission in Nepal (TLMN). I knew I wa...

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