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Do you have a passion to transform lives?

Volunteers are central to the vision and mission of The Leprosy Mission Australia. Volunteer representatives are essential to helping people affected by leprosy and disability, and in Australia and around the world there are more volunteers than staff members.

If you feel called to volunteer to help people affected by leprosy, there are a range of ways you can do this. You might already be equipped excellently for some of our volunteer roles. If you see something you think you would like to give a go, but you’re a little nervous about (e.g. public speaking), we can help train and equip you to do this.

You might want to do one thing, once a year, or you might want to spend some time every week volunteering. Or it might be somewhere in between. Whichever it is, you can help change the life of someone affected by leprosy in a positive way.

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PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID-19 restrictions and impact, some roles may not be available at this time or in your area. This may affect your application at this time.

To apply for a Volunteer Role or express further interest, please fill in the form at the bottom of this page. For more information, contact or call FREECALL 1800 537 767 within Australia.

Volunteer Resource Distributor

In this role, you will be distributing resources and updates about people affected by leprosy to your community. This could be your church, your community group (e.g. Rotary Club), your local library, your local café or even your Bible Study Group (or all of them!). 

You would ask whichever group, or groups if they would be happy to receive some information about people affected by leprosy, what type of resource, how many copies, and how frequently. 

You would let us know how many resources you need, and how often you need it sent. You would then receive a little parcel containing the relevant materials. Then you would distribute the information to your church or group.

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Volunteer Cuppa For a Cure Host

Host a morning or afternoon tea party to raise funds to fight leprosy. When you host a Cuppa for a Cure event, you help provide treatment for people affected by leprosy. 

Morning or afternoon tea, anywhere or anytime. Hold it as part of a special event or celebration, a gathering with your friends at home, at church or in your group. We can provide you with the resources and newsletters you need. 

You can do this at home, at a community hall, or even at church.

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Volunteer Church Representative

Churches are a key part of helping to transform the lives of people affected by leprosy both overseas and in Australia. In many countries, partner churches help deliver services to people affected by leprosy.

In Australia, partner churches have congregation members who pray for people affected by leprosy, while also supporting people affected by leprosy in other ways (e.g. financially, knitting bandages).

As a Volunteer Church Representative, you are passionate about your faith community, empowering people affected by leprosy in the name of Jesus Christ.

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Volunteer Fundraiser

Do you love reading Paul’s exhortations to the Macedonians to encourage people to fundraise? You will know what a difference a few dollars can make to someone affected by leprosy.

This is a role with a great deal of opportunity around what you can do. It can range from you holding a morning tea and inviting people to come, and collecting a gold coin from everyone, to speaking at events, to holding gala dinners to raise money. In fact you could do any, all or something entirely different.

There are many opportunities to raise funds including: baking cakes and treats, holding events, selling jam or other creative or crafty items. But this is a role which would suit your own take, and your own creativity!

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Volunteer in the Office

Did you know there are more volunteers than staff at The Leprosy Mission in Australia? There are a variety of ways you can volunteer in the office, from helping to sort merchandise for the Merchandise Department to helping pack mailing envelopes for the Communications Team.

You may want to help people affected by leprosy by utilising your graphic design skills. Or your accounting skills. Or you might be great at talking to people. Or have neat handwriting. We may just have a role for you to volunteer in!

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Volunteer Stallholder

Our shopping can help empower people affected by leprosy. When people purchase from The Leprosy Mission Gift Catalogue, the impact is doubled: empowering people affected by leprosy and disability as these people produce many of the products, and the profits in turn help individuals and others affected by leprosy.

If you love talking to people, and you enjoy the hustle and bustle of markets, you may wish to help people affected by leprosy in this way. You would receive goods on consignment and would sell them at your church, car boot sale, or wherever else you might have the opportunity. You could even make a night of it and invite people over for a night of coffee, desserts, and shopping from the goods you have on display!

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Volunteer Speaker

Australians love to help others. Unfortunately, not many Australians know that every two minutes someone around the world is diagnosed with leprosy.

You are able (or willing to be trained) to speak in public about leprosy and be an advocate for change. You will share with others how they can help defeat leprosy and transform lives.

Become an advocate for change today! Take on a Volunteer Speaker role and give talks about leprosy at churches, Bible Study Groups, community groups (e.g. Rotary Club, schools) – or anywhere you can!

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The Leprosy Mission Australia Archivist

More than 100 years of service to people affected by leprosy generates a lot of artefacts. At the office in Box Hill, Melbourne there is a room full of photos, slides, CDs and other historical materials that requires sorting. We’d like to make these precious items available to interested supporters. 

Would you be able to help sort and prepare this material for The Leprosy Mission Australia’s archives? Some archival or librarian experience is required. We will be able to provide instructions and help as needed. 

For further information, contact Nerida on (03) 9890 0577, or to apply, please use the form below.

Not your calling?

Use the form below to contact us to discuss what else you can do to help people affected by leprosy. Please indicate your availability and areas of interest or skill, and we will be in touch with you soon.

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