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Safeguarding, Whistleblowing and other concerns

The Leprosy Mission Australia believes in the protection of all people from harm and, in line with our Christian beliefs, operates on the understanding that all individuals have the right to dignity, safety, and respect.  Through our suite of Safeguarding Policies, we identify what we do to keep all people safe including project participants, staff, and volunteers.

Safeguarding Policies 

Whistleblowing and other concerns

  • Our Whistleblower Policy outlines our commitment to transparency and whistleblower protections. It covers issues of serious misconduct
  • Our Fraud, Bribery and Anti-corruption Policy outlines our intention to maintain an honest and just system of managing our resources and finances.
  • Our Complaints Handling Policy outlines our procedure for receiving and resolving complaints and feedback in relation to any  dealings with The Leprosy Mission Australia.

How to Report a Concern

Here at The Leprosy Mission Australia, we are committed to taking all reasonable steps to receive and respond to complaints and concerns.

To report a concern regarding

  • Safeguarding, including child safety, sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment
  • Whistleblowing, including actions of serious misconduct
  • Fraud, bribery and anti-corruption
  • Serious or sensitive complaints, relating to behaviour of employees, misconduct and breach of policy

Use one of the following methods:

Email:       Designated Safeguarding Leads and the CEO

                   Board Safeguarding Lead

                   Global Fellowship Designated Safeguarding Officer

Phone:      Call (+61 3) 9890 0577 or 1800 537 767 and ask to speak to the Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mail:         Address to the Designated Safeguarding Lead at PO Box 293, Box Hill, VIC 3127 and mark “Strictly Confidential”

External report:

If you are uncomfortable with making or unable to make an internal report, you may make a report to TLMA’s external independent Whistleblower provider, Safecall.  

Reports can be made by telephone on 1800 312 928 or by lodging a report online at

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your dealings with The Leprosy Mission Australia, visit our Feedback and Complaints page for further information.