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Leprosy is curable!
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This Christmas I am sending out a special SOS message to help provide a pair of sandals to a person suffering the effects of leprosy. 

Someone like Nuhu. From Nigeria.

Sadly, Nuhu never got to put his foot in a pair of specially-fitted Leprosy Mission sandals.

So he missed out on the protection they give.

And the ulcers on the soles of his feet, caused by leprosy, swelled, burst, became infected and spread poison up his leg.

Until there was nothing The Leprosy Mission doctors you support could do, except amputate his leg. To save his life.

That’s why this Christmas I pray you will help by giving someone like Nuhu a pair of Leprosy Mission sandals before it’s too late.

$15 is all it takes to provide a pair of specially made sandals!

could help provide a prosthetic to someone
 like Nuhu who has lost part of themselves to leprosy

could help support physiotherapy through
the struggle to learn to walk again
after leprosy

could offer counselling and care to
recover from loss,
and the hurt of rejection

And if your Lord and teacher has washed your feet, you should do the same for each other.

John 13:14 (CEV