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Grandma Meesala doesn’t know where she would be without her granddaughter Kaveri. 

Leprosy left Grandma Meesala with no feeling in her hands, and severe pain in her joints and nerves. That’s where Kaveri steps in – fetching water, helping apply ointment, supporting Grandma if she has to leave the house.

She no longer has the gift of touch.

Granddaughter Kaveri has become her hands.

Fetching water. Bringing meals. Helping Grandma out into the community …

If you look closely, you will see the aged hands are deformed by leprosy.

What you can’t see is the fact that Grandma Meesala’s hands can’t feel anything.

Some would say this is no life for a little girl.

Yet Kaveri’s love for her grandmother leads her to give this gift.

What’s special is that this young girl’s touch is much more than just a helper, and a guide.

Kaveri’s touch tells Grandma Meesala that she is precious, and does not deserve to be shunned, as so often happens to people with leprosy in countries like India.

You have the power to touch the life of someone with leprosy today.

Through the healing helping hands of The Leprosy Mission team, you can cure the disease, and restore relationships lost to fear and false thinking.

When Jesus healed with touch, people knew they were accepted and loved.

This is the gift your kindness gives the person you help heal. You touch their life in a way that forever declares they are precious and worthy of love. That’s the greatest healing of all.

“I like to tell stories
to my grandchildren.”

– Grandma Meesala

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