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YES, I will love like Jesus and help end the pain
of people suffering from leprosy!

“Nobody should have to go through the stigma and discrimination my
daughter and my wife suffered.”
– Shiveram


I remember when my wife first discovered
patches on her skin.

She was worried what her parents would think. They were from a high caste. Her father was a priest. He told her that because she had leprosy,
she was cursed. It wasn’t long after this that she hung herself.

It wasn’t long after this that she hung herself.

Leprosy is curable!
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All I had was my children. I wanted them to
have a bright future.

At first, I didn’t know what was happening to my daughter. Some people told us it was TB. Others said it was cancer. Only when we went to the community hospital did we discover that my daughter Samana had leprosy too.

Through the help of The Leprosy Mission Australia,
my daughter received the correct treatment.

Her hand used to be clawed, but since the operation she has much more movement in her fingers. Samana also received a scholarship through The Leprosy Mission’s education program. Without this, I could never have afforded the good education she deserves.

Knowing Samana’s leprosy was cured lifted our spirits.

Nobody should have to go through the stigma and discrimination my daughter and my wife suffered.
Yet I have discovered there are so many people in my community hidden, not wanting anyone to know that they had leprosy.

I don’t want the story of Samana’s mother to be repeated.

That’s why I am part of The Leprosy Mission’s self-help group. We show people in the community that leprosy is curable,and not a curse. Fewer people are hiding their symptoms, and more people are being treated!

Through The Leprosy Mission Australia,I received a loan so I could breed chickens.

They also gave me agriculture and business training, so I could earn income in my own village, and not have to leave my children. I have already sold some chickens, which has enabled me to provide for my family, and repay my loan.

A small amount of help from Australian donors has made a big difference for my daughter and my community.

Caring people like you from around the world unite to help people suffering with leprosy.

Please note: Donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible. Due to added security measures, donations below $10 can no longer be processed online. To make a gift $9 or less, please call us on 1800 LEPROSY (1800 537 767). 

If the area of need becomes fully funded, your gift will go where most needed.