Prayers for people affected by leprosy around the world

Timor Leste

During 2020 The Leprosy Mission of Timor Leste was able to provide the equivalent of over 7,000 public health training days for the staff of TLM, other NGO’s and Government. This is a great result which will have a positive impact for many dealing with COVID and other diseases both now and over the coming years.

Give thanks for the ongoing relationships between TLMTL, NGO’s and the government in Nigeria. Pray that this will impact the rates of COVID testing and vaccinations which are currently under 50% double dosed. Pray too that this will have a flow on affect for people accessing help for leprosy diagnosis and treatment.


Nigeria has managed to avoid the worst of the outbreaks of COVID-19 predicted according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) Representative for Nigeria, Dr. Walter Mulombo. The Nigerian Centre for Disease Control have seen an increase in funding allowing for improved hospital and laboratory resources, meaning improved outcomes for patients and those diagnosed with COVID-19.

However, only around 3% of eligible Nigerians are fully vaccinated. There are security and access issues with the states working to curb corruption and increase vaccination clinics.

Please pray for safety and that a new mass vaccination campaign will successfully see a significant increase in fully vaccinated Nigerians. Pray also that the improvements in the healthcare system will have a flow on effect for those affected by leprosy.


The Integrated Mobilisation of People for Active Community Transformation project (or IMPACT) aims to help people recover from leprosy. They create sustainable livelihoods and increase inclusion in society. This program was suspended during COVID lockdowns meaning some people were unable to continue or finish their training.

Thankfully, once these restrictions were lifted, this program was able to resume, meaning more opportunities for people to gain meaningful employment and inclusion.

Please pray for these programs and for the 80% of Nepalese people who are yet to be fully vaccinated.

Papua New Guinea

The health care system in PNG is being overwhelmed by the Delta variant of COVID-19. Only about 2% of the population are vaccinated. Fear and misinformation is preventing people from coming forward meaning that not only is this a disaster for managing COVID, but also for treating and diagnosing people with leprosy.

Please pray that breakthroughs will be made in getting relevant and accessible information to people so that people will come forward to be vaccinated. Pray also that the health service will be equipped to cope with the increased admissions and deaths. The TLMPNG staff need your prayers as a number of them have COVID or COVID like symptoms.


Some good news out of India with over 77% of people having had their first COVID vaccination and the recovery rate at over 98%. The COVID-19 pandemic provided an additional challenge to remote communities already living in difficult conditions. In the Tamil Nadu region, The Leprosy Mission’s mobile clinics played a crucial role in spreading information about how to prevent transmission.

The mobile therapy clinic travels throughout the Cuddalore and Villupuram districts, taking high quality medical facilities to remote communities. Staffed by teams including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, prosthetic technicians, community health workers and community volunteers, the clinic brings support to over 800 people affected by leprosy, and 2,000 people with other disabilities.

During 2020, the van’s public address system and LED displays were also used to educate local communities about how to prevent COVID transmission.

Please pray that the current drive to go door-to-door ensuring people can access first and second doses will significantly lift the numbers of those who are fully vaccinated. Pray for The Leprosy Mission as they continue to play a role in protecting people with COVID, Leprosy and other healthcare needs.